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Learn more about the vision of EVE and how we can expand the Kingdom of God together.

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Help us set the table.

At the heart of EVE is a desire to share the contagious love of Jesus in ways that are warm, inviting, and genuine. We want to expand the family of God to include our sisters in the clubs; and we need our family in Christ to help us bring that vision to reality.  


Each month, EVE visits more than a dozen strip clubs employing hundreds of women. We deliver a beautifully packaged gift along with the much-needed message that they are loved daughters of the King. Every woman who contacts EVE receives a special care package with items intended to provide inspiration and draw her closer to the God who made her. Passionate, trained volunteers follow up to offer genuine relationships that can include life-coaching or lay counseling for those who desire it. Support is also offered in the form of referrals for employment opportunities, professional counseling, and other services to assist her on the journey of becoming the woman God created her to be – a woman full of grace, beauty, and worth.


We invite you to help us “set the table” for a big ole feast with Jesus as King.


  • PRAY – prayer is absolutely necessary to the life of our ministry. We need two or three (or more) gathered in Jesus’ name all across our city, or wherever you live. We will provide each prayer circle with specific requests and praises to take before the King of kings on a weekly basis. 
  • BAKE – who knew your love of baking would provide a way to share the love of Jesus with some of the most overlooked women in our city? Jesus did! Individually wrapped goodies are not just a special treat for them, but a way to make lasting memories. Because food and family always go together! Join our expanding sisterhood of bakers.
  • WRAP – for those who love to make all things pretty, we have monthly opportunities to host or attend a gift bag prep party. As you prepare the free gifts, it is a perfect reminder of God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ to us, and to our club sisters. We welcome your special touch to beautify these bags.
  • PLAN – because relationship is what we’re all about, connecting with our sisters in meaningful ways outside the clubs in a top priority. If you have a passion for people, planning, and parties, EVE has a place for you. Become part of a life-changing team of event planners reaching out to share Christ’s love with women in the sex industry.
  • SHARE – social media has become part of our everyday lives and we need passionate people to help us elevate the voices of women in our city who currently have no voice. Join our team to share all the amazing ways God is at work, and all the opportunities he provides for us to link arms and be the Church together.  


If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or would like to share your gifts in another way, please contact us at eve.sisterhood@gmail.com. We can’t wait to serve with you. 


family commitment


If EVE is anything, it’s a sisterhood of women crazy in love with Jesus and committed to sharing his love with other women. It’s impossible to have authentic, growing relationships without commitment. Therefore, we ask for a minimum six month commitment for all volunteer roles in order to best serve each other and the women to whom we are reaching out. Thank you for prayerfully committing to serve them with us.